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Reliable Integrated Logistic Services

Iron Bird Logistics


Iron Bird prime movers consists of European Volvo and Mercedes Benz trucks

Iron Bird land transportation coverage service is for whole Java and Sumatera islands

Iron Bird main customers are Japanese, American and European company which has top priority on Safety culture

24 hours a day and seven days a week services

Iron Bird also serviced the distribution for FMCG with coverage area is for whole Java island

Halal Logistics

Halal Logistics is the process of handling the flow of materials / products through the supply chain in accordance with halal standards.

Halal Transportation

Halal and non-halal goods are not mixed on handling equipments such as forklift, trolley and pallet or in a container/common transportation vehicle.

Our Vision

To be sustainable quality-driven company that ensure the continuing prosperity of all its stakeholders

Our Mission

Our goals are to archieve customer satisfaction and to build and defend the first position as market leader in every category in which we compete

The purpose of the separation between halal products with non halal product is for :

Avoid contamination ( including cross-contamination ) on goods

Avoid incorrect handling of goods

Ensuring consistency in handling halal products distribution process as expected by Muslims worldwide

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